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Animal free materials


Our bags are made of animal free materials. To achieve them we use synthetic and tarpaulin PVC truck sail: no animal related materials.
Today, millions of animals are killed to produce hides intended for the production of clothing and accessories. Many people believe the leather used by the fashion industry is just a waste product of the meat industry, but that is not the case. Selling to tanneries represent a huge business, especially since some animals are bred almost exclusively for their skin. The tanning industry, in fact, not only involves cattle and sheep (young and adult), but also goats, horses, pigs, birds, ostriches and other animals not used by humans for food. Furthermore, it is impossible to accurately determine the number of exotic animals – most of all kangaroos, alligators, pythons and other reptiles – that are captured and killed to allow the industry of the luxury accessories to sell at exorbitant prices. Instead, we chose not to get on this cruelty ride and look for alternatives, which do not require neither killing animals, nor highly polluting processes like tanning. After months of researches and trials, we selected the synthetic leather and PVC trucks tarpaulin. They are durable, waterproof, easy to clean and long-lasting. In 2016 we have also been awarded with the Animal Free Fashion certificate as a fashion company engaged both in the animals protection and the spread of an ethical and sustainable production model.



PVC is a well-known material, used for many different things. For our bags we have chosen to work with PVC tarpaulin, which is normally used for trucks. It is a high quality PVC. Each sheet weighs 650 grams per square metre and is designed to last for millions of kilometres. It is perfectly resistant both to atmospheric agents and temperature leaps (it ranges from -30°C to +70°C), as well as mechanical traction, rips and foldings. It also supports digital printing well, is completely recyclable and is a good match with the "underground" like style that characterizes many of our creations.


When we decided to differentiate our collections and surround the underground models with more glamorous models, we chose to use the textured synthetic leather for that. The synthetic leather (also known as imitation leather) is a material made up of layers of polyurethane resins, not to be confused with the eco-leather, which is tanned animal skin processed with low environmental impact.
The new generation of fake skin that we use is of the highest quality: it is durable and breathable as the real leather, but much easier to clean and store. In addition, it allows us infinite creative freedom as easy to be printed digitally.


Our bags are animal free.
To achieve them we
use synthetic and tarpaulin PVC truck sail:
no animal related materials.



PVC truck tarpaulin and synthetic leather are very resistant and long lasting materials. Also, they do not need great care and maintenance, they are water-repellent, tear-resistant and very easy to clean using neutral detergents.

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