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About Us


Paul Meccanico is a startup founded in 2015 in Sarnano, in the core of the Marche Region, among the valleys of the Sibillini Mountains. The idea was conceived by the fashion designer Paul Albert Dari, who cultivated with its spry team. We produce 100% Made in Italy accessories and handmade bags, all designed one by one and realized in craft workshops situated in our territory.

We have been very careful in selecting our manufacturing partners and we chose exclusively those who shared our philosophy.


We produce 100% Made in Italy accessories and handmade bags,
all designed one by one and realized in craft workshops situated in our territory.



Each bag is unique, distinguished by a serial number and a certificate of uniqueness: when you buy one bag, we guarantee you will not find an identical one on Earth.
We have worked extensively in the industry of accessories and clothing: we love the creative universe of fashion and we have decided to leave it. No, it is not a contradiction. In the world of mass production, each piece designed with much care and passion is replicated by a machine in endless-perfectly-identical copies, in which even the designer struggles to recognize the initial spirit. That is a world with which we do not want to identify ourselves. We want to step out of the standardization and aesthetic uniformity with our concept. A new fashion concept based on the freedom to express your personality and above all of personal choice.
We were intrigued by the idea of returning to artisan production and to have control over the process from concept to completion of an individual item. We asked ourselves the question: is it still possible to survive in the market by producing unique, handmade pieces? To be able to answer this question, we discovered another world of creativity and innovation.


We have combined the craft knowledge of our region Le Marche with the potential of new technologies.
The digital craftsmanship is a new business model. A philosophy of production and consumption based on the capacity to invent alternative ways to turn the gears of the economy. It is on this concept that we have built our brand.
The Paul Meccanico bags are designed on the computer, digitally printed, artisan made and sold for the most part online. In this way we were able to work fast, keep the organization small and production costs low, even for small quantities, allowing us to even produce single pieces.



We believe the biggest challenge in fashion is to find the right balance between beauty and functionality, especially when it comes to handbags, since they are accessories almost essential for everyday life. Size, depth, arrangement of pockets and compartments, shoulder straps, handles, quality of the stitchings: all the details of our creations are designed to provide comfort and authenticity to those who wear them. Each design is developed by our graphic designer Paul Albert Dari through a careful re-look job, re-interpretation and graphic processing. The underground style, the digital art, the pixel art, the optical art and the dreamlike kaleidoscopic world of Maurtis Conerlis Escher are just some of his sources of inspiration.

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